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About Micro Source

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In our Platinum Wig Antalya Branch, All Hair and Hair Products, as well as All Hairdressing and Beauty Services are offered. 3 Floors 500 m2 Concept Hairdresser Services in Antalya In Our List: Ombre, Sombre, Highlighting, Balayage, Sparkle, Freelights, Facelights, Opening Dyeing, Color Change, Haircut  , Tongs Blow Dry  , Protein Hair Care , Keratin Hair Care  , Brazilian Blow Dry  , American Blow Dry  , New Generation Hair Perm  and Bridal Hair 
On Our Beauty Service List : Bridal Makeup
  , Silk eyelashes  , Lash Lifting  , Eyebrow Removal  , Prosthetic Nail  , Permanent nail polish  , Manicure  , Pedicure and Waxing Application 
In Hair Products : Micro Welding,
  Bead  Source  , Tape Welding  , Tres Source  , snap  , Hairpiece  , Half Moon  , Ponytail  , Tulle Wig  , Medical Wigs  , Standard Wig  , Pluggable Bangs  , hilly  And There Are Many More Products.


  Time is cash!

Our time is precious! What about yours?

As a result of modern life, everyone wants to use their money efficiently, to receive personalized services with maximum potential, and to reach their goal without wasting their already precious time.

We are a company that provides service in this direction and we work with a 100% appointment system.

For better quality service and not to keep you waiting for your visit, please request an appointment from our phone number 0242 317 10 11 or 0555 892 37 70. If you wish , you can make your appointment immediately with E-Appointment.

"There are more important things in life than hair.

But hair is a good place to start."

Every human intervention is special.

Even if this is done on one strand of hair, it is very special.


Platinum Wig Every transaction made in Antalya is special for you. All kinds of materials used in the operations performed on your skin, nails, hair and even a single strand of your hair are made hygienic under surgical sterilization conditions. Every towel used, every comb, every brush, every scissors or whatever you can think of is used in front of you by taking it out of its hygienic disposable package. All materials go through all stages of surgical sterilization until they reach the stage of use.


After providing these standards, our only goal is to your Beauty.  Adding beauty. We invite you to contribute to your style or create a new style with its professional, creative, experienced and disciplined staff.

Beauty Together with Health

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