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Current Measures and Service policy details of our business during the COVID-19 Pandemic Process are as follows.

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We work with a 100% appointment system so that we can manage your service requests in the best way. You can easily create your appointments with one of our channels below.

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Our working hours 

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 20:00 Saturday - Sunday Closed

Our store has 3 floors and is 500m2 in total. Our seat distance between two services in the service areas is 3.60 meters. Our entire working team provides service with masks.

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During the physical contact of our guests to our Store, mask control, temperature measurement,  hand sterilization and HES code query. At the same time, we share the HEPP codes of our entire team with our Guests.

We complete your registration with digital methods with the help of a link to your mobile phone so that you do not have pen and paper contact with your transactions and customer registration during the service.

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All kinds of materials used in the procedures are made hygienic under surgical sterilization conditions. Every towel used, every comb, every brush, every scissors or whatever you can think of is used in front of you by taking it out of its hygienic disposable package. All materials go through all stages of surgical sterilization until they reach the stage of use.

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We have hygiene stands at many points to ensure hand sterilization at regular intervals for all our guests and staff.

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After sterilization of the contact points after each service, another service is provided.

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Our staff and guest washbasins are separate and instant sterilization is carried out after each use.

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In our establishment, no refreshments such as coffee, tea, etc. are made, except for closed water and soda.

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We have renewed our entire payment infrastructure with today's up-to-date technology so that you can make contactless payments.


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