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Who are we ?

Platinum Wig Brand Serving Since 1973

As of March 8, 2020  Our colleague Murat KOCATAŞ and his team  Our Antalya branch was opened with the aim of 100% customer satisfaction after completing the 4-year Platinum Wig Professional trainings.

We invite you to change with our slogan "see as you want".

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Why Platinum Wig ?

You know what is important to us?

The fact that we can still feel the excitement we felt when our guests first stepped into our establishment.

Even though your hair is a big part of our business, the communication we establish with you, understanding your demands and being able to respond to them are just as important in striving, learning and improving ourselves...

We take our job seriously

Because we know how much you value your hair

Because we know how valuable you are to us...   ~  Murat KOCATAŞ ~


Our business has the most up-to-date equipment and product range in line with your needs and the services we will provide.

The hair and other care products we use are the latest and high quality brands, and we guarantee that they are permanent and satisfactory.

All of the materials used in our salon are disposable for your health and after each use, they are surgically sterilized, packaged and made ready for use again.


Our trained and experienced team offers rich model options by following the latest products and innovations in the sector.

The professional hands of our team will allow you to relax and leave our salon happy and healthy, thanks to many years of experience and knowledge.

The people in our team are improving themselves day by day in order to provide you with the best service and customer satisfaction with monthly trainings and meetings held every 2 weeks.

Our team, which aims at unlimited customer satisfaction and is professional in its own branches, will be very happy to serve you.

What You Need To Know?

What are the features that make the Platinum Wig Brand different? We have sorted for you


We keep the phrase "You are special" in practice, not in words.

At Platinum Wig Company  All kinds of materials used in the operations performed on your skin, nails, hair and even a single strand of your hair are made hygienic under surgical sterilization conditions. Every towel used, every comb, every brush, every scissors or whatever comes to mind is used in front of you by taking it out of its hygienic disposable package. All materials go through all stages of surgical sterilization until they reach the stage of use.


We Pay Maximum Attention to Your Health

When health-related criteria are not observed in hairdressing salons, the risk of transmission of many diseases may arise. With this awareness, we, as Platin Wig, do not compromise on our understanding of "health first", which we have adopted in our Service. The only principle for us is not to be more beautiful, but to be more beautiful in a healthy way. For this, we consider health conditions in many issues, from hygiene conditions to the adjustment of ventilation, from catering to the quality of the materials used in our business. We constantly inform our employees about health and sterilization conditions.


We Keep Our Communication Channels Open To Make You Happy

We believe that we can only improve our service quality thanks to your feedback. That's why we monitor our service quality with surveys and shadow customer surveys, see our shortcomings and work to improve them. You can send us any feedback by sending us a message from the communication section of our website or using our channels such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


We Only Use Products From Reputable Brands

We use professional makeup & hair products in our business.