All about silk eyelashes

Are your lashes straight, not curled like you want? Are your eyelashes bothering you as a sparse image?

Your lashes are neither sparse nor short but thin, not looking the way you want? Your lashes are not straight, not sparse, not thin, but the color is very light, doesn't it look the way you want?

Do you use mascara too often and still can't get the result you want?

So, what do you think of the solution implemented by the stage stars?

Silk eyelash application can provide you with an extremely natural look, as if you always have eye make-up, without the need for make-up.


What are Eyelash Extension Techniques? What is Silk Lash?

There are three main techniques. These are mink eyelash, silk eyelash and synthetic eyelash extension methods. Their size varies from 6 mm to 17 mm. When these 3 methods are done by experts, they do not harm the eyes and eyelashes. It is safe.

We do silk eyelashes at 2m Coiffeur. Silk eyelash, as the name suggests, is an application made by gluing eyelashes made of silk to all eyelashes separately. However, the pasted silk  eyelash  It is applied by leaving a gap of 1 mm, not directly touching your eyelashes. The application has nothing to do with your eyelashes.

Silk eyelashes allow you to have natural-looking eyelashes. Most people think that you have mascara on your eyes and do not realize that you have silk eyelashes. It is also long lasting.


Who Prefers Silk Lash?

While people with light-colored, thin, weak, sparse or straight eyelashes prefer silk eyelashes, other people whose eyelashes do not fall into this category may also prefer it. Because silk eyelashes not only make your eyelashes more visible, they also make your eyes more impressive by defining your eye lines.


How Long Does the Process Take? Do Silk Lashes Have a Lifespan?

The process is completed in approximately 1.5 hours. fitted silk  your eyelashes  Although it is possible to last longer, the eyelashes must be removed after 3 months for their health. Extraction is done with a special solution. It is applied again after the lashes rest for 1 week.  During this time, maintenance once a month and replacing the fallen eyelashes will increase efficiency.

Oily make-up removal products, oily eye creams and excess tears are among the causes of premature shedding.

Silk eyelashes should be removed at the end of this period and your own eyelashes should be rested for 1 week. Thus, it can be applied repeatedly.

What is the Importance of the Material Used in Silk Lash Attachment?

The quality of the material used for silk eyelashes is very important in order not to cause various inconveniences. First of all, it is important that the adhesive used is organic and hypo-allergenic. If you have an allergic body, you can request a 24-hour observation by attaching 2-3 wires beforehand. It is necessary to avoid synthetic silk eyelashes in which unsuitable chemicals are used intensively.

Does Contact with Water Cause Any Danger?

There should be no contact with water in the 24-hour period after the procedure. Water can cause stickiness to disappear and lashes to weaken.  why could it be. At the end of 24 hours, you can swim in the sea and pool, wash your face and take a bath.


What Happens If You Have Tears While Wearing Silk Lashes?

If you feel burning or tear in your eye while the procedure is being done, you should take it as a big warning. In this case, the person performing the operation  Tell him to change the glue. The eyelash extension process should be completed without any hassle and easily. For otherwise  Be vigilant and don't hesitate to raise any concerns you have about the transaction.


Can I Use Silk Lash with Mascara?

In fact, a substantial number of people who come to our hairdresser are considering getting silk eyelashes because they are looking for an alternative other than mascara.  Because silk  eyelash already creates the effect of using mascara. If you are thinking of using mascara, there are two criteria you should pay attention to. Of these  The first is the use of water-based mascara. We do not recommend using waterproof mascara or oil-based mascara as this is the case.  Your silk lashes lose their sticky property, which can shorten the life of your silk lashes or cause your silk lashes to fall.

Also, if you have used mascara, we recommend using a water-based make-up remover when cleaning your mascara.

Another criterion you should pay attention to is to treat your lashes gently while applying mascara and not to hurt your silk lashes.

Rough when you use too much mascara  an image may appear.


Will my own lashes be damaged by silk lashes?

One of the biggest urban legends is that eyelash extensions damage natural eyelashes.

When applied and used correctly by experts, silk eyelashes do not harm natural eyelashes. But the following 3 criteria should be kept in mind

-Avoid businesses called under the stairs

-Do not rub your eyes

-Don't pull your lashes

In these cases, your own eyelashes may be damaged and worn.


What Happens If The Adhesive Substance Gets In My Eyes During The Process?

Since your eyes are closed throughout the procedure, such a risk is low, but of course there is always this possibility. To avoid a negative situation, research whether the adhesive is safe before you commit and ask the person doing the work explicitly. Pay attention to whether substances such as formaldehyde, which can harm your eyes, are in the content of the adhesive.

What Should I Pay Attention To To Extend The Life Of Silk Lashes?

  • Don't make your lashes curly

  • Do not rub your lashes

  • Avoid sauna or steam bath

  • Do not use mechanical based eyelash curlers.

  • If you are going to use mascara, use it from the middle to the ends. Don't get to the roots.


Do Silk Lashes Fall Out On Their Own?

Just like hair, our eyelashes also have a growth period. The length of time varies from person to person. When the lashes grow, the silk presses on the lashes and these silk lashes fall off on their own.

On the other hand, when the process is done by people who are not experts in their work, this person can apply the silk eyelash to more than one eyelash. This causes the silk eyelashes to fall in a short time.

Are There Different Types of Silk Lash?

Are there different types of silk eyelashes? The silk eyelash to be applied should be suitable for your eyelash structure.

both  your eyelashes  It is very important for the desired result to choose the model that will suit your appearance and that your eyelashes can carry without difficulty.

Silk lashes vary in length from 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm. On the other hand, the thickness measure is 0.1 – 0.12 – 0.15 – 0.20 mm. In addition to these, there are 5 different types of folds. In addition, there are models that provide an extra dense appearance with 3 or 6 strands of eyelashes from a single body.


Can I Be Blind In An Undesirable Situation?

In short, "no". As long as it is made in reliable places and you do not react, you will not encounter a health problem. In the worst case scenario, even if you have an allergic reaction, you are not likely to go blind. You can get rid of the negative effects in a short time by going to an ophthalmologist and taking the appropriate eye drops. However, we did not encounter an allergic reaction even in dozens of applications we performed in our facility. Because we take care that the adhesive is a plant-based and organic product.  


What are the Side Effects?

Early shedding is one of them. If the adhesive is bad, it can cause allergies.

If hygienic rules are not followed  infection  may occur. You can read many complaints about this issue on the internet. In this regard, your duty will be to pay attention to places that offer cheap prices (Chinese-made products are sold at extraordinarily cheap prices).

How Should The Care After Silk Lash Application?

After the procedure, water should not touch your eyes for 24 hours. You can then return to your daily life.

Paying attention to the following points will extend the life of silk eyelashes;

  • You can swim in the pool or the sea 24 hours after the application. However, being in excess in such activities can shorten the life of silk eyelashes a little.

  • While taking a shower, care should be taken that it is not too hot.

  • You should not sleep on your face. You now have long and beautiful eyelashes. It can happen to those who have long eyelashes from birth, as well as your eyelashes may break if you lie on your face.

  • After the application, you should no longer use mascara. Because it will cause your eyelashes to stick. You won't need it anyway, why would you use it?

  • It is necessary to be careful that the oil-based make-up products and make-up removers you use do not touch your eyelashes. Oil-bound materials cause the adhesive to dissolve prematurely. But you can also use water-based make-up products comfortably and without paying attention.

  • When the silk eyelash application is done by expert hands, you will not encounter the problem of tangles even though your eyelashes are longer. However, if you have a very long model applied to you, the mixing and sticking of eyelashes, which is one of the problems experienced by people with long eyelashes, may become your problem as well. It is recommended to use an eyelash comb for this.


How to Remove Silk Lashes?

First of all, it should be emphasized, definitely do not try to remove it by hand, you will damage your own eyelashes. Removal of silk eyelashes is done with a solution specially developed for this purpose.

What Questions Should I Ask the Other Party While Deciding Where I Will Have Silk Lash Application? What Should I Pay Attention To?

Professional people use professional products and therefore the prices are slightly higher. Since these people are trained in eyelash wearing, they pay attention to hygiene in the whole process and, more importantly, pay maximum attention not to damage your eyelashes. If possible, ask to see before-after pictures of the institution you went to and look at the results. Of course, do not forget to get information about the institution where the transaction will be made by doing a general research on the internet.