What is the olaplex bond strengthening system?

Don't Be Afraid Of Being Blonde Just Because My Hair Is Wearing Out!!


By preventing your hair from wearing out, we can reach the lightest tones you want in a healthy way...

As a 2m Hairdresser, we prefer Oxiplexx.

Meet this miraculous product, which is revolutionary that we use in the care service and coloring processes...


—Before hair removal; whatever the condition of the hair (extremely worn or about to break)

It is a product that gives the opportunity to open the hair again by applying it.

——Keratin, Moisture, Protein and Botox  It is the only product in the industry that can perform maintenance at the same time.

—Thanks to its effective formula  Returns the hair to its original state (straight or wavy)

NOTE: The OXIPLEXX application, which is a professional product, should be applied by experienced hairdressers who have been trained in such high-tech professional products. Otherwise, you may not get the results you expect.

  OXIPLEXX  How to use?

Olaplex is one of the top segment restructuring care products in our salon. It is a care product with a structuring feature on untreated natural hair, which can be used in dyes and after perm processes in the coloring service of the products we use as a powder lightener or cream lightener (color change, lightening dyeing, balayage, highlight, shadow, ombre).

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