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Who doesn't want their hands to look beautiful, but your nails can't grow, they break all the time, if you're tired of them being separated in layers, Or if you're eating your nails? ;

Our Solution Suggestion is PROSTHETIC NAIL Application.  

In Antalya  best Prosthetic Nail  Platinum wig NAIL ART, which is its center, is ready to reveal the beauty in you. Visit us and Prosthetic Nail Nail Art  See what our specialist can offer you!  


What is a prosthetic nail?

The appearance of prosthetic nails is indistinguishable from natural nails.

The only feature that you can distinguish it from the natural nail; It is the perfect view.

If you wish, you can use your prosthetic nails with nail polish, if you wish, with bright polished, permanent nail polish.  You can use it in its natural look.

This healthy and aesthetic appearance will perfect the beauty of your hands. The use of a prosthetic nail is not separate from the use of a natural nail.

You have the chance to implement all the activities in your daily life without any problems.

You can use it like your own natural nails.

Prosthetic nails are not affected by water, do not discolor, are transparent and durable.

Prosthetic nails are 80 times more durable than natural nails.

Prosthetic nails provide you with ease of use in your daily life.

With prosthetic nails, the problem of nail polish or polish renewal is completely eliminated, your nails always look well-groomed and clean.

Even if you use it with nail polish all the time, the bright and perfect look underneath will not be lost.

You can decorate your nail with prosthetic nail decorations and apply the prosthetic nail model you want.

How long is the prosthetic nail usage period?

As long as you have your prosthetic nail care done on a monthly basis, the duration of the prosthetic nail is unlimited.

Is Prosthetic Nail easy to use?

  • The feeling of foreignness felt in false nails is definitely not felt in Prosthetic Nail applications.

  • Prosthetic Nail integrates with you like your own nail, thanks to its natural appearance, it is never distinguished from natural nails.

  • The applied nail polish is used for a much longer time compared to the natural nail.

  • Prosthetic Nails are produced by our prosthetic nail specialists with a special technique when requested.  can easily be removed.

  • Prosthetic nail length can be adjusted as desired by our experts.

  • The first application takes an average of 1 or 2 hours,  Our professional nail experts provide services in the healthiest conditions with products approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

  • Prosthetic Nail users must use acetone-free nail polish remover, it is recommended to use gloves since acid-containing chemicals are used (eg detergent).

  • Prosthetic Nail is not affected by hot water, sea water, pool chlorine, soap and shampoo.


Note: Prosthetic nail removal or gel nail removal is definitely recommended to be removed by a professional. Otherwise, prosthetic nails yourself at home  You can damage your nails if you do the removal process. If you ask how to remove the prosthetic nail. There is no such thing as prosthetic nail removal liquid, it is a procedure to be done by filing with special files.

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A Few of Our Prosthetic Nail and Nail Art Applications