Information About Keratin Hair Care

In professional hair care, we prefer the products of Professional brands.

When it comes to keratin hair care, some people  Some say that it damages the hair, some say that it is very useful, and even those who have had many keratin treatments say that they do not see any benefit. This type with keratin content  products  with several different uses and  It offers solutions to many hair problems.  New Generation Collagen, which is professional hair care on this page  Hair Bot  We will give you our experience and knowledge about keratin care.

What is Keratin Care? What Does It Do?

Keratin forms a protective shield against the hair by covering the flakes on the hair fiber and provides protection against environmental factors. Your hair regains its old healthy structure with spectacular results that can be seen and felt. It repairs damage, repairs the hair from the inside out and penetrates the hair cell to strengthen it. It helps the hair to remove dead cells and gives smoothness and softness to the hair surface. It nourishes the hair by providing the moisture it needs and helps the skin to gain a silky softness after the procedure.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment?

Permanently prevents hair tangling

✅ Protects against chemical processes

✅ Improves hair health

✅ Eliminates electrification

✅ Provides intense shine

✅ Makes hair stronger

✅ Fixes the color of the hair

✅ Protects against high temperatures

✅ Provides natural straightening

✅ Saves you time by reducing the styling time.

How long does Keratin Treatment last on hair?

Keratin Professional hair care lastsup to 12 weeks.

As Keratin Straightening   It has a permanence of 3 to 6 months.

You can ensure that this application is permanent on the hair for a longer period of time by using at-home supportive Professional care products recommended by our Professional Practitioner team.


Keratin Application Which hair types can be applied?
Keratin Care product can be applied to all hair types.

It can be used especially when straightening curly hair or to improve the quality of damaged hair.

It doesn't matter if it is highlighted or dyed hair.

However, we apply the process by keeping the press temperature at low levels in order to protect the hair health, especially in very worn hair.
What kind of results are obtained after Keratin Treatment?

After the Keratin Care application, you will have healthy, shiny and easily shaped hair.

It can permanently straighten your hair according to your request.

Does it repair damaged hair?
  Yeah  Visible differences are obtained, especially in very damaged hair. 
Does it need to be used before chemical treatment? Can hair dye/highlight be applied on the same day?

We recommend using the Keratin Care product in the salon after chemical treatments.

First of all, we complete your coloring processes such as dyeing or highlighting, and then we apply professional hair care.

Opening process on very damaged hair  Application before and after the chemical treatment, as we do not want the hair to be damaged during the application.  We recommend.

Is it possible not to press in maintenance operations?

In the care process, the press process enables the product to be activated with heat, allowing the care to penetrate the hair strands better.

However, for those who do not want the structure of their hair to change, you can apply this care only with the help of a brush and blow dryer without applying the press process.
Can it be applied over other pre-made straightening or care products?
  If a different care or straightening process has been performed, New Generation Professional Collagen  Keratin Hair Care  product can be applied.

Can the hair be washed after the application?

Especially New Generation Professional Collagen  Keratin Hair product from other classic products  The most important difference is that it can be washed immediately.  that is.

In this way, the person to whom the application is made can continue his daily life.

They can swim in the pool, do sports, style or wash their hair as they wish.