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As PLATIN WIG, we aim to present the new generation hair perm in the ANTALYA region with the best quality products and the best workmanship. We are with you to make all your beauty dreams come true. We can make you look and feel great with perfect permanent wavy hair in a short time. Pamper yourself with our services and trust us to reveal your beauty! New Generation Perm hairstyles attract the attention of all of us. So, what is a New Generation perm ? and how to make a New Generation perm? Does the New Generation Perm damage the hair ? How long does the New Generation perm last ?  You will find the answers to all the questions you are looking for in this article, which we have prepared for all those who are curious and want to have a New Generation Perm hair.

What is a New Generation Perm?

The process applied to keep the hair in a wavy and curly form for a long time is called perm. This permanent shaping process, which has been used for a long time, has recently been used frequently by famous stars.

If you are bored with your straight hair, if you are going to take a long vacation, or if you just want a volume in your hair, but also want a change in your style, thanks to the new generation perm technique.  You can get long-lasting waves.

Which Hair Is The New Generation Perm Applied To?

In the new generation perm process applied to hair of 10 cm and longer, you can decide the thickness and density of the waves. In fact, at this point, perm Bugids and most importantly Perm Winding Technique come into play. The size and wrapping techniques of perm curlers determine the density and direction of the curls that will emerge. Before the New Generation perm production, we made a preliminary interview with our teams who completed their professional training in this service.  It is very important that you clearly say what kind of look you want to achieve.

Does New Generation Perm Damage Hair?

New Generation Perm is not a classic perm remedy. Although it does not smell sharp like the classic perm drug, it does not contain ammonia completely, and at the same time, it nourishes and cares for your hair while creating permanent waves thanks to its keratin, caviar and collagen content.

However, especially if your hair has bleaching or other chemical processes, we inform you to act as a result of an analysis and test for these hair types. You can request a free preliminary interview and analysis by making an appointment from our experts.

How Long Does the New Generation Perm Last ?

Long-lasting new generation perm application is up to 6 months depending on the average hair growth rate and the products you use.

The longer the hair, the more natural the look becomes when the non-curly hair grows from the roots. I look like I have curled my hair. However, if your hair bottoms are too voluminous and flat, the process can be repeated with peace of mind in an uncomfortable appearance as it grows. There is no harm in applying it to the hair again.

How to Use a New Generation Perma Post?

You can wash your hair freely the next day after the perm application.
After shampooing your hair in the shower, we recommend combing it with a mask or cream and rinsing it abundantly.

Afterwards, you can remove the moisture with a towel and shape it with your hands with a foam gel or non-rinse stylers and dry it with a blow dryer if you wish.

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